“… a compelling exercise that deliberately blurs the lines between documentary and fiction. Artfully constructing and thought provoking”

2010-10-14 – Leslie Felperin – Variety


“Turner prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing has worked in video art before, but with Self Made makes an intriguing feature debut with a film that treads a precarious line between art, documentary and fiction”

2010-10-15 – Mark Adams – Screen Daily


“Michael Moore and a few others have made the leap into ‘reality cinema’ but nobody has taken it as far as Wearing has”

2010-09-29 – Matilda Battersby – The Independent


“Documentary segues into drama, and the film is a lucid, concise précis of a project of great emotional intensity. Four Stars”

2010-09-27 – Dave Calhoun – Time Out Film Online 2010


“‘Self Made’ is fascinating for its faith in the viscerally transformative force of these performances.”

2011-02-16 – The Village Voice


“Emotions are unleashed, and unexpected empathy evoked”

2011-02-25 – The Wall Street Journal


“Self Made, a personal favorite of programmer {Of SXSW} Jim Kolmar for the way it uses method acting as a tool for self-examination”

2011-02-28 – Real Screen


“Self Made is a work of real originality”

2010-10-07 – Wendy Ide – The Times


“…the audience sees more naked emotion than a decade of Big Brother has managed to capture”

2010-09-30 – Entertainment News


“This film is mesmerising from the second it starts to the moment it ends and stays with you hours after leaving it”

2010-10-05 – Little white lies blog


Screenings: “I recommend . . . Gillian Wearing’s ‘Self-Made’ is the artist’s first feature. It’s a captivating mic of doc and drama, and a moving record of a unique project”

2011-01-14 – Time Out


“Fascinating and powerful documentary… Hard-hitting and brilliant.”

2010-10-10 – E-Film Blog


“Raw and often painful to watch.”

Sight And Sound


“It’s a raw and emotionally powerful film”

2011-02-17 – Filmmaker


“I found myself having a weep too.”

2010-12-10 – run-riot



New Scene – Gillian Wearing and the Chapman brothers are part of a growing number of artists crossing over to film making, blurring the boundaries of their work.

Talking Point – Harper’s Bazzar


CALLING THE SHOTS – Are the video artists of the 1990’s leading the way in experimental cinema?

October 2010 – Laura Allsop – Art Review (pp.68-70)


Reality Cast – Turner prizewinner Gillian Wearing bounces ideas off director Duane Hopkins for her first feature film.

Sarah Fakray – Dazed And Confused Magazine


An interview with Gillian Wearing

2011-03-06 – Birds Eye View News


The Truth of the Matter: Curator Dishes About MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight

2011-02-15 – New York Press


“This Much I Know”

2010-09-12 – The Guardian – The Observer