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  • I saw the docu on DVD and loved it. Very impressed by the courage and vulnerability of the participants. As a stage director, I found it inspiring to watch so-called amateurs become absolutely convincing performers when tapping into their own emotions

  • Liked the short preview, not sure I really understand it though. Self expression? Really like you photography, very adventuress.

  • what’s the name of the trailer soundtrack?

  • This sounds great, can you let me know where I can buy this film.


  • Any chance the film will be coming to Chicago, USA anytime soon? I’m an actor and am completely picqued by what you’ve put together. If not an actual screening, when might be the film be available for DVD purchase?

  • Hi, I propose it might be a kind and rewarding move to allow less well placed people to have access to this, too scarcely experienced project.

    • We agree, so it is due to be shown by channel 4 in the new year

  • Hi,

    I’d like to know if there are any screenings planned for London or New York in the next months. I missed the Whitechapel screenings.

    All the best


    • Sadly Not but keep your eye out for channel 4 screning in the new yaer

  • I’ve missed the screenings. Are there going to be more??!

    • Yes Self Made will be screeening at The Whitechaple Gallery on certain dates during Gillian’s Exhibition until June. If you check with them for the dates

  • Is Self Made available in a professional video format for public screenings?
    Many thanks,

    • Hello,
      Self Made is available for hire on DVD and on DCP with prior arrangement. Should you want to find out more about hosting a screening and associated terms and costs, please contact artistfilm@cornerhouse.org.
      Many thanks, Afroditi

  • Hi, My name is Mel O’Connor and I was the costume designer on this film and Head of Department. I was wondering if i was going to be listed in the Crew section under head of department???? My name is on the movie poster. Also, do you have any posters…. i would like to buy one. I have tried to get hold of one from Sam but to not happening. Loved the film by the way!! Melx

  • Dear,

    I had the chance to see your wonderful movie. First of all, I want to express my sincere ardour, and to congratulate you for making such a wonderful movie.

    Our festival is humane and socially engaged project in every sense: it is set aside from any institutionalized framework, open, slightly alternative and rebellious, intended solely for the free, creative and curious visitor who loves cinema and who can recognize the seriousness of the problems depicted in documentary films. The festival has managed to find a path to its authentic audience, from the regular documentary films lovers, students who want to learn more about this cinematographic expression, to professional public contributing to the collective film education.

    UnderhillFest is dedicated to the full-length documentaries to films that imposed themselves by innovation, idea and the power of their stories.

    The aim of our festival is primarily to educate the public about the special place that this kind of movie enjoys in the world of cinema, as well as about the power that documentary films have in representing and addressing both the urgent and seemingly irrelevant social problems in the world.

    I am taking this opportunity to ask you to send us the screener since we are in preselection phase for the third edition of our International Documentary Film Festival UNDERHILLFest, taking place in Podgorica, Montenegro in May 2012.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Andjelka Nenezic

    Njegoseva 36
    20000 Podgorica

  • Great that Self Made is coming out on DVD. Will it be playable in the US? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Tom, the DVD will be multi-region so it should play on a US DVD player.

  • Hi,

    For those of us who can’t make it to a screening, are you planning to release Self Made on DVD soon?

    • Hi Marta, yes we are planning to release Self Made on DVD at the end of March 2012. It will be distributed by Cornerhouse, and it will be available to buy at http://www.cornerhouse.org/books as well as via other outlets. For more information please keep checking this space as well as the Cornerhouse website.

  • Hi, how can I get this film on DVD? Many thanks! AK

  • I went to a viewing of this film at the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne last Friday with very little idea of what I would be expecting to see and experience. I gathered from the publicity that the film was going to explore concepts and ideas of identity and how we each project aspects of ourselves in the world we live in.

    The film made a deep impression on me. I was struck by the enormity of emotion and power resonating through the film on many layers. As I watched the film I became aware of my own history and how this impacted on how I view myself. I experienced the participants’ histories opening up, and not only did I feel a sense of liberation on the part of the individuals, but also coming to the film with a background in drama, writing, photography and oral history, I felt this film to be an exciting and powerful exploration of the blurring of boundaries in the idea of story, whether real, imagined or constructed.

    Watching the film in an art gallery also excited me in terms of how important and challenging it is for the idea of a film not only to be treated as an art-work but also as raw and vulnerable human history to be accepted and experienced as a ‘truth’ using tools of dramatic exploration and improvision.

    As Clio Barnard mentioned in the BFI film on this website, the film needs to be watched more than once, as there are many layers to it. So, when might we expect to hear about the film’s release on DVD?

    • Hi Julius,

      I am glad you enjoyed the film and its depth of meaning. I do agree that the film needs to be watched again and again, so we will be releasing it on DVD on the 26th of March, it will be available via the Cornerhouse bookshop http://www.cornerhouse.org/books as well as other outlets and gallery shops.

  • This is one of the most powerful films I have seen in portraying aspects of ordinary people’s deepest unconscious, feelings, wishes, desires – revealing a universal picture of our society which was deeply moving and resonant, It’s treatment from Documentary to Drama emphasised the power of the process and the unique poignancy of each participant’s story and journey. It was great to see it on a large screen and I need to watch it many more times, when is it out on DVD?

  • Please release in New Zealand.

  • The film it’s a great experience, especially for actors, directors and psychologists. It was very interesting journey. I was very glad that I could watch it on the big screen at British Film Institute. All performance were extremely engaging and truthful. Great pice of art!

  • Will the movie be coming to Toronto, Canada in the future? Or do you know how I can access a copy?

    • Hi Amanda,

      there are no current plans to show Self Made in Canada, however it will be released on DVD for worldwide distribution, you will be able to get hold of a copy from http://www.cornerhouse.org/books from the 26th of March onwards.

  • wow! i love it. i hope they release this movie internationally even in DVD’s so i could watch it.

  • i’m going to see it on the 28th , very exited to see all of it, love films like these!!

  • I saw the film tonight in Los Angeles, and it was very challenging and quite provocative. I had to focus to keep myself from going into my own little self-examination. I was just wondering if Simon’s and Jerome’s short films will eventually be made available for viewing. In the final iteration, they were just supporting players.

  • Loved the trailer and really hope to see it screening in the Netherlands soon!

  • I can’t wait to see this! You are doing an amazing job working with people who have been demonised by the press as chavs ( just another bloody stereotype)
    May I show an exerpt to my students at the Universit for the Creative Arts?
    I am giving talk called ” Chavs and Toffs” Representation of class in contemporary Britain.
    Will be including my recent work “Ladies”.
    I don’t have your email as I would have like to invite you to my studio warming!

    Hugs! X KK

  • i’m very intrigued and would like to see the whole film. how would i get my hands on a dvd?

  • the trailer looks amazing! hope it screens in australia at some point or i am able to see the film somewhere in the world at some point

  • I really enjoyed the film and particulary liked Asheq and Lesley as they seem like such lovely people. I hope that Lesley finds someone to settle down with and that Asheq gets a part in a Shane Meadows film as his acting was very convincing. I also loved how Asheq decided to go with such an extreme idea and I hope he has not been scarred by doing it. I hope the man who played the Mussolini part changes his mind about killing himself when he is 55, he was another really interesting character and it was great that he was so honest. Thanks.

  • Watching this movie was a profound experience and I had the added bonus of meeting a part of the cast and the director. This is what I expect from cinema: to literally shake up my world, to hold me by shoulders and shake me out of the everyday boredom of life and conformity to my own perceptions.
    I also value and appreciate the courage of the actors for appearing so naturally in front of the camera in all their reality and sharing their personal most intimate feelings with the audience so bravely.

  • Just saw the screening at the Curzon and loved it! I hope Lesley finds the love she deserves.

  • In 1997, before Gillian won the Turner Prize, I bought one of her prints because I’d loved her work. It was an expensive/limited edition but compelling.The print is House: a large picture of two young girls who write about/design their future homes. These stories are also their dreams about their future grown-up selves. Are the stories really written by the two girls? Are the girls real? Everyone who visits my house is moved and intrigued reading the print’s stories, as I always am.
    I can’t wait to see Gillian’s new version of self-making!

  • So, how wonderful ! When’s it coming to Paris ?

  • Hi I’m an MA History of Art Student and I’m doing a project on the work of Gillian Wearing. I want to get hold of her film ‘Self Made’. Where will it be on sale and do I have to wait until 2nd September?

    Gillian Wearing seems to be a natural extension of the social psychology (or urban anthropology)of Alice Neel… different medium creates the contemporary dialogue.

    • Hi Anne,

      If you are still undertaking your project and want to watch the film, it will be released on DVD by Cornerhouse on the 26th of March 2012

  • Hi there, it would be great if there was to be a screening of the film in Glasgow, could someone please get in touch with me as this is something I would really be interested in seeing and bringing to Glasgow if I could make it possible.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Grant,

      Some limited shows took place in Glasgow in September (hope you had the chance to catch them!), but if showing the film is something you are still interested in, then please do get in touch with me at afroditi@cornerhouse.org.


  • A fantastic movie, so unique and powerful. I hope you make more!

  • Quite simply a must see film or piece of cinematic art! This should be on general release – loved it!

  • I saw the film at the Cleveland International Film Festival. It was phenomenal. The storyline was dynamic yet linear. It was thought-provoking and emotional. This art was incredibly powerful. It confronted the audience with some of the difficult truths in life. Bravo!

  • Was priviledged to see self-made recently and I found it poignant, touching and distressing to watch. I think the people taking part were extremely brave to go on this journey and allow themselves to be exposed in this way (it’s not something I would be willing to do) – very powerful & compelling performances. Big up to everyone involved!

  • I went down to the MAC to see the film due to a friend playing a part in it. I don’t normally go to these events, but I went to see this film and had a great night.

    The film was not what I expected at first, I thought it was going to be a movie, instead I watched a documentary film about acting. After the initial scenes, the film gradually draws you in and completely opens your mind about acting techniques and life in general.

    Really good film, would recommend it to anyone who is interested in acting or anyone who is interested in life and wants to try something different.

  • I just saw the film tonight at The MAC in Birmingham. I was genuinely moved. It was beautiful to see people open up in such a real way, and to experience their pain with them, even only as a spectator which is a rarity today. I went away with a fresh perspective about the people I meet and what lies behind the masks we wear to acquaintances, strangers, and even friends and family. We are more than the images we present to people and ourselves. The simplicity of the way the work was presented represented the complexity of the work itself and the people involved.

  • I like how the film highlighted art’s paradoxical nature, in the way that it heals pain, but at the same time is made alive by it. It made me so aware of art’s redemptive qualities. Not that art necessarily removes or fully heals our hurts, but somehow it transforms them into something beautiful. Thank you to all involved, I loved every minute of it.

  • Been down to the MAC in Birmingham this evening to watch this film,had no idea what to expect,and what i got was a really well made and rather deep,emotional experience.loved that all the cast were just normal people and not professional actors.
    Some very deep, emotional, and happy scenes that probably relate to so many of us in one way or the other.
    Thank you to all the cast and crew for there massive efforts and making me laugh and cry!

  • I’ve just come back from the screening of Self Made at the Midlands Arts Centre. Just wanted to say congratualtions to you all for a super piece of art. Really found it moving, shocking and unsettling as well as beautfiul. It’s films like this that should be funded more often. By far one of the most important films made for sometime.

  • I saw Self Made at the ICA last Friday and thought it was a remarkable and daring project. It was very well made. I thought “…what beautiful images and a group of real and fascinating people. How wonderful!” My friend and I cried several times and laughed through out. Congratulations to every one involved.

  • Love it!! 🙂 xx